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Yaupon is at the heart of who we are and what we do

Each leaf is hand-plucked, carefully dried or fire-roasted, graded and milled, and hand-packed in our facility in Edgewater, Florida. We don't outsource any aspect of production, because we won't compromise on quality.


Pure Yaupon Holly, dried and roasted over an open flame. Naturally caffeinated, organic. Our Fire Roasted Warrior's blend is the boldest of the Yaupon Brother's teas, with a slightly smoky flavor.

Inspired by the preparation techniques used thousands of years ago by the native Timucua people of Florida. Historically, to speed up the leaf-drying process, they dried leaves in a caldron over a flame. This was used in traditional ceremonial gatherings to prepare braves for war or the hunt.


One of the unique things about Yaupon is that it is tannin-free, so it’s naturally sweet and impossible to over-steep... which means you can enjoy several cups from just one sachet! (Recommend 3 servings, just continue to add hot water) Naturally caffeinated and rich in antioxidants, perfect both hot and cold.

Fire Roasted

Excluding Sales Tax
  • - BREW AT 212 F


  • Ingredients: Fire-Roasted Yaupon Holly

    Certified Organic by QCS

    Made in the USA

    Fully compostable and recycle friendly!

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