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America's Mercantile is committed to helping American companies by creating alliances with them to provide products on on our website.

We also have a mission that extends beyond that. Anyone who shops on our site has the opportunity to join our mission. By signing up to be part of our group you can receive a unique code to use when referring customers to the site.

When those referrals use the code you provided, they will get an 5% discount off their purchase and you will begin accumulating a 3% accrual fund under your name. 

You will be able to either use that money to apply towards a future purchase, or upon filing a 1099 form with us we can issue you a check. 

You will have an opportunity to share in the profits from the site. As well as a percentage of every purchase will go the benefit the Mystic Maud Foundation a 501 C3 charitable organization.

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