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Introducing the Barbwire Brand Hatchet from Hardcore Hammers.


The Survivalist Hatchet.


Our top selling hatchet with a 19oz. 4140 steel head, 18" American hickory handle. The hammer end of the hatchet features our inset waffled face. The bit is 3 1/2" long and overall head length is 5 1/2".


Proudly made in the USA!

That means materials and labor. The steel heads for our hammers, hatchets and axes come from foundries and companies in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our premium American hickory handles are turned to our exact specifications in Alabama & Arkansas.


*Sheath included with the Survivalist Hatchet*

Barbwire™ Brand Hatchet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We use 4140 alloy steel for our hammers, our full-size and mid-size axes and our Survivalist and Super Naturalist hatchets.

    Our Carpenter's Hatchet is made from 1080 tool steel.

    Our handles are made from Grade A American hickory.

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